Data Recovery (apologies to Dr Zeuss)

If your digits do a diddle and your data does a dash
And the hard disk drive goes click-clunk, or you see a fatal flash.
Don’t worry that your data’s gone, the backup’s screwed, boo-hoo
Call 1800 LOST FILES, we’ll save the day for you

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Dont Ever Attempt any Procedures on the Original Disk

Many times when the user is unable to access files it is because the index tables are corrupted or entries have been deleted.

In these cases the data resides in unallocated clusters – areas on the disk which the operating system regards as unused, hence available for use at any time.

Clearly an attempt to run procedures on the disk, or even start-up or close down will cause the disk to write to these areas.

And that is exactly how to put a potentially successfull data recovery at risk.

Dont Ever Attempt any Procedures on the Original Disk.

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Removing your Hard Disk

So we get asked alot from people who approach us for Data Recovery how to remove the hard disk from their machine and I found this great short vid on just that.

We must stress though that you watch the vid first and if there is any part you dont understand or do not have the tools to do – please take your machine to a professional IT expert for removal or have inhouse IT in your company extract the disk.

Hit the jump for the vid and P.S Its without sound to allow full concentration…..

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Data Recovery Blog

This blog has been started to share knowledge on the Data Recovery Field and to draw comment or discussion on articles and findings we publish here. If you have a query or would like information on Data Recovery, please enquire through our parent site.

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